Helping kids get better since 1926

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History of CMCA

The History of CMCA can boast many more accomplishments than those briefly described below.  The 65 year history of CMCA is a story of change and constants. The accomplishments are a testament to successfully adapting to change.  The legacy of love the members have for children and each other is the constant.  CMCA has grown from an Auxiliary and Association into a sisterhood of beloved friends.



Children's Medical Center Auxiliary
and Children's Medical Charities Association


            The Children's Medical Charities Association is an offshoot of the Children's Medical Center Auxiliary.

1926 – Children’s Medical Center officially opens its doors.children's convalescent home


1946 – Children’s Medical Center expands.


1952 - The Auxiliary began, boasting 59 volunteers it’s first year.

Auxiliary members were able to nurture the children at CMC. They also clothed them through its Thrift and Mend Shop. The Thrift and Mend Shop was only a service for the patients and their families at that time. 

Fund raising programs ranged from sale of cook books and the creation of a snack bar with home-baked goods to city-wide events.


1966 – Children’s Medical Center devotes more space to children with chronic disorders, such as mental retardation, epilepsy and other genetic disorders.

The Junior League of Tulsa and the Auxiliary originally co-sponsored the Tulsa Charity Horse show from 1954 to 1962. The Auxiliary ran the Horse Show for at least another 35 years donating more than $1.2 million to CMC.


1970's -   The Auxiliary started the Arts & Crafts Show, gaining the reputation of being one of the best in the region.  Held annually each spring, it ran for 25 years and raised nearly $1 million for CMC. 


Children's Medical Center1975- The first annual Roy Clark Celebrity Golf Tournament was held.  All eyes in Tulsa were focused on CMC, and the Auxiliary put Tulsa on the national map.  The tournaments lasted nine years giving CMC more than $800,000.


1982 -  The traditional Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties were still held annually.  The Auxiliary converted an area at CMC into a play area for children who came to the hospital on an outpatient basis. More than 10,000 visitors came in 1983. 


1980's- The Children's Miracle Network Telethon fundraiser was supported with CMC volunteers until 2014.


1990's - There were many changes for CMC and the Auxiliary. Rules for working with children were changing.  The Auxiliary stayed focused on children.  Volunteers still remained at the Children’s Hospital.


2000 - CMC’s medical services were moved to Hillcrest and the behavioral services to the Tulsa Regional Medical Center, which is now OSU-College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Auxiliary.  The Auxiliary dismantled and sold parts of CMC, to raise nearly $65,000 which it donated to the CMC Foundation.

With the CMC building gone, the Auxiliary moved the Thrift Shop to its present location at corner of 11th and Utica.

2004 -CMC's services were sold to Ardent, which forced the Auxiliary to reorganize and seek its own nonprofit status, changing the name to Children's Medical Charities Association.  The new CMCA's mission was to give grants to organizations that directly served children in the Tulsa Metropolitan area.

2005 - Children’s Medical Charities Association received its nonprofit status and raised money through its all-volunteer Thrift Shop.  Using the nickels and dimes it earned from the Thrift Shop, the Association has given over one million dollars in grants from 2005 to 2015.

2009 - CMCA has 104 active, contributing and associate members at the close of 2009.

2016 -  CMCA celebrated by surpassing the "Million Dollar Milestone in giving.

2017 - We have a new name and new location. The Market at Pearl Thrift Shop, 1020 S. Rockford Ave, opened it's doors January 10, 2017.  The shop is all new with much more display space and ample storage for seasonal inventory.  We are very thankful to have Hillcrest remain as our sponsor.