1970's  – The Auxiliary started the Arts & Crafts Show, which became an annual event, gaining the reputation of being one of the best in the region.  Held annually each spring "rain or shine", it ran for 25 years and raised nearly $1 million for CMCA. 

1975  – The first annual Roy Clark Celebrity Golf Tournament was held.  All eyes in Tulsa were focused on CMCA, and the Auxiliary put Tulsa on the national map.  The tournaments lasted nine years giving CMCA more than $800,000.

CMCA Timeline

1920's - 1940's

The Children’s Medical Center officially opens its doors in 1926 and expanded through 1946.

1950's - 1960's

The Auxiliary began in 1952, with 59 volunteers! Devoted more space to children with chronic disorders in the 60's. 


Started more events such as the annual Roy Clark Celebrity Golf Tournament and the  Arts & Crafts Show.


A ton of fun! Added holiday parties, hosted a telethon, and added a play area for children. 


Rules for working with children started to change.  The Auxiliary stayed focused on helping children. 


The Auxiliary acquired nonprofit status, and changed the name to Children's Medical Charities Association.